Organic Sweet Cloud® Rice Syrup

Sweet Cloud sweetener is naturally sweet, delicious and gentle on your mind and body. Rice syrup has a nice light sweet flavor and you can use in your tea or favorite desserts.

Sweet Cloud® ORGANIC Brown Rice Syrup

More delicate that honey, barley malt, or maple syrup, SWEET CLOUD® Organic Brown Rice Syrup is superbly sweet with the natural flavor of complex sugars like maltose. Because of the gradual breakdown of the maltose and other complex carbohydrates, rice syrup does not cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

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Sweet CloudŽ  Barley Malt  Syrup

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Organic Maple Syrup

What could be more delicious than this delightfully tasty Premium Grade B Maple Syrup on your favorite pancakes or baked in delectable cakes and cookies! Maple Valley’s Premium Grade B Maple Syrup is 100% pure and certified USDA organic. Grade B Maple Syrup has a stronger and robust maple flavor and is our personal favorite. Treat yourself to the wonder of this natural sweetener on a batch of Organic Chef Tom’s Good Morning Pancakes (buy his awesome mix here) for Sunday morning brunch or an afternoon pancake lunch with Haiku Organic Tea... Yum! Recommended for use in The Master Cleanser program.
414B..................12 oz .................$14.95


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